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Tips for Navigating the New World of Education

After high school, I went straight into nursing school and really enjoyed earning my Bachelors in Nursing degree. I worked as a nurse for many years and was happy with my income. However, I soon realized that I could be making more money if I furthered my studies and obtained my master's degree. I hesitated going back to college, though, because of the long drive I would have to take to the nearest college. One day, a colleague told me she was earning her master's degree online, which I didn't even know was an option. I was excited to learn that I could earn the degree I wanted without making that long drive to the nearest college to take classes. I am now eager to help others navigate the new world of education that has emerged in recent years. Come back often for new education tips and tricks!


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Five Preschool Apple Games Perfect For The Fall Season

Creating fun preschool activities that relate to the different seasons of the year is a great way to keep the kid's attention. After all, season changes are pretty distracting, especially fall and winter when the changes are more drastic and exciting because they also remind everyone of the approaching holidays. To bring this excitement to the classroom, here are five preschool apple games that are perfect for the fall season:

Apples on Top: This is a great game that incorporates a bit of reading time for the kids. You can start out by reading "Ten Apples on Top" by Dr. Seuss. Once reading time is over, you can get started on the game. Print out ten paper baskets all labeled one through ten. From here, you can gather real or fake apples and have the children sort the apples in the baskets with the right number. For example, the paper basket with the number one labeled on it should only have one apple placed on top of it. 

Apple Magnet Board: This is a really fun game that also has to do with sorting and counting. Glue some magnets onto some red pompoms, then draw a tree on the white board, place the pompoms on the tree, and draw baskets underneath that have different numbers labeled on them. The kids can pick the "apples" from the tree and place the correct number of apples into each basket. 

Build Your Own Apple Tree: This is a great creativity game. Collect some sticks, fake leaves, and fake paper or felt apples. The kids can stick the branches onto paper, add their leaves and apples with tape or glue, and they have a nice little fall craft to take home with them!

Count Apple Seeds: This involves more intricate counting, and the kids can be invited to add as many apple seeds onto their paper apples as they want. While they may need help counting, it's an invitation to count to a number higher than 10. The kids can also glue their seeds onto their apples for yet another craft to bring home. 

Apple Sorting: Finally, this is a great game for developing fine motor skills. You can create sorting apple trees by taking a few cardboard boxes and gluing tree tops on top leaving the top of the box open for placing some felt apples inside. From here, the kids can take some tongs to pick up the apples and count how many they place into each tree. 

You can get as creative as you want with these games, and you can even set them all up at once so that you have stations for the kids to spend time exploring and getting creative with on their own. Don't forget to enjoy some cut apples for a snack when you're done to complete the fall activity for the day! 

For more ideas for preschool, contact local schools in your area, like Sammamish Montessori School, or talk with professionals.